Sebastian Weber

Performance Enhancement

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Experience :

Sebastian has more than 10 years experience in Performance Diagnostics. After many years of scientific research in the fields of Performance Diagnostics and Processes of Adaptation through Endurance Training he has developed the STAPS methods of System Theoretical Analysis of Performance in Sport.

Education :

He has done his Masters in Sports Science at the German Sports University Cologne with a specialization in the field of Training and Performance and has received the honor of being the best Student to finish his degree in the shortest time.

  • Vast experience in Performance Diagnostics, has worked for the Institute Of Sports medicine at the German Sports University Cologne
  • Studies in Human Biology at the University of Marburg (Germany)
  • 2005 Stipendium from the German Sports University Cologne
  • 2005 Performance Trainer of Team Wiesenhof - Akud (Professional German Cycling Team)
  • 2006 Performance Trainer of T- Mobile Team (Professional German Cycling Team)
  • Since 2002 a number of Government funded Research Projects about Adapation Processes through Training and Performance Diagnostics at Universities in Bochum, Chemnitz, Bonn and Cologne (Germany).