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GOA, known for its beaches and bars, now has something else to boast about…..FITNESS HOLIDAYS! FiT’s Sussegado Fitness Vacations offers a dynamic fitness and weight loss program along with a true “Goan" experience! If you need some weight loss motivation or if you'd like to enjoy a fitness based vacation, this is the place for you! Get a fitness evaluation and a customized exercise and nutrition program while enjoying an authentic Goan Experience.

At our fitness holiday locations you can spend your days swimming, strength training, kickboxing, doing water aerobics, sailing and eating a low fat/low calorie diet. This is all done under the guidance of our highly qualified personal trainers and with a menu set up by our registered dietician. We have great success and you will go home with a new way of living and eating. You will also go home smaller and fitter than when you arrived! Less Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure are typical results.

Moreover, you don't need to be away from your family, they can come and enjoy our life on the beach while supporting what is often a life changing experience for you! We have a full fitness schedule that is flexible and allows you to comfortably work as much or as little as you need or want. More Information.