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Medical research into corporate health and fitness strategies in the workplace provides us with overwhelming evidence in relation to businesses that employ "A positive attitude towards improving employee health, fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle", and how this approach can dramatically increase staff morale and company productivity.

It is a clinically proven fact that a FiT and healthy workforce can beneFiT from a strengthened immune system (reducing absences), added longevity, an increase in fitness (optimising work output), and an improved sense of well being. This combination of beneFiTs resulted in better attendance records as well as happier, healthier employees. The incorporation of these strategies in most circumstances actually paid for themselves in the longer term.

FiT offers a flexible versatility to all our corporate and private clients. Many corporate companies now have gymnasiums on their premises, or offer gym memberships as a company perk. A certified personal trainer placed within your premises ( or put on offer to your staff ) will optimize performance and give the added security that your staff is operating within their capabilities, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

In addition to offering certified trainers, FiT also provides its clients with consultancy on fitness infrastructure development. For more information on our Infrastructure Development Services please click here. If you would like additional information as to the services and professionals we can provide for your business, please complete our brief enquiry form; we will then assess your individual situation on a more personal level, either by reply, or on the telephone.

Alternatively, at your request, we can send out an area representative, with no obligation, in order to assess your individual business circumstances and furnish you with a strategy aimed at improving your business morale and productivity. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.